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Sampling Valve


General Description

A sampling valve allows the operator to inject/extract a fluid, gas, liquid, fluidized solid or slurry sample. The product may be added to the pipeline through the valve (injection) or removed from the pipeline (sampling). The sampling valve allows the operator to extract a sample of the product from the production line or reactor, without disrupting the process. In the closed position, the valve piston extends to the inner surface of the pipe and prevents any possibility of the valve inlet becoming plugged. When the valve is in the open position, the piston retracts into the bonnet allowing a full flow.



Sampling valves are used in many industrial applications as the oil and gas industry, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing. The main function of sampling valves is to draw a live sample from the process. Sampling valves can be used in demanding environments such as high pressure of high vacuum conditions.



-        produces samples without failure (no sediment or clogging possible)

-        self-cleaning design

-        suitable for high pressure and high vacuum conditions

-        can be combined with sampling bottles, etc.


Design standards


ISO 9001:2008

API 598



ASME B16.10

ASME B16.25

ASME B16.34

ASME B16.47

ASME B16.5