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Spreading Wedge Gate Valve

 Gate Valve

General Description

A gate valve is a valve that opens by lifting a gate out of the path of the fluid. The gate is wedge shaped. When the valve is wide open the gate is fully drawn up into the valve bonnet. This leaves an opening for flow through the valve the same size as the pipe in which the valve is installed. Therefore, there is little pressure drop or flow restriction through the valve. Gate valves are advantageous in applications involving slurries, as their gate can cut right through the slurry. They are also used in applications that involve viscous liquids such as heavy oils, light grease, varnish and other non-flammable viscous liquids. Gate valves are sometimes used for regulating flow, but are designed to be fully opened or closed. Gate valves are not suitable for throttling purposes. Control Seal is an experienced valve manufacturer who in the past has also created these valves. With our knowledge and experience, we are able to create a high quality.

Spreading Wedge Gate Valve is Control Seal name for its double expanding gate valve.



Gate valves are used in many industrial applications as the oil and gas industry, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, automotive and marine. Gate valves can be used in demanding environments such as high temperature and high pressure environments. They are often seen in power plants, water treatments, mining and offshore applications.



-         available in many (large) sizes

-         can be used with slurries and viscous liquids

-         used as a shut off valve

-         easy to maintain and disassemble

-         inexpensive

-         inherently fire-safe (when used with a metal sheet)

-         bi-directional


Design standards

ISO 9001:2008

API 598

API 600 (Bolted Bonnet Steel Gate Valves for Petroleum & Natural Gas Industries)

API 602 (Compact Steel Gate Valves - Flanged, Threaded, Welding & Extended - Body Ends)



ASME B16.10

ASME B16.11 (Forged Fittings, Socket - Welding & Threaded)

ASME B16.25

ASME B16.34

ASME B16.47

ASME B16.5