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Due to its vast engineering experience, Control Seal can deliver a wide range of products based on customer request.

Flush Bottom Valve

Flush Bottom Valves are special purpose valves used in piping and vessels to drain out any product or slurry left in the pipe or vessel. These valves are most commonly used for dead space free draining or feeding of vessels and pipelines.

They are also suitable for various mediums including highly viscous materials but also for vessels where rapid drainage is important. The Control Seal Flush Bottom Valves are available from ½“ up to and including 12” and from 150lbs up to and including 1500lbs.

Drain Valves are available in Disc Type or Plunger

Disc type

The advantage of disc type valves is a short stroke for open/close operation. Air cylinder operation is usually selected. The rising and lowering discs’ compact, lightweight design is ideal for installation under a tank where there is limited space. The lowering disc is ideal for tank applications with an agitator.

Plunger Type

Ram valves / piston valves guarantee full flow as the valve disc (ram) travels completely out of the flow path. These valves are ideal for slurry applications as the inside of the valve is cleaned when the plunger moves to the closed position.


The Flush Bottom Valves are not only used in the petrochemical industry but are also widely used in the Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemicals, Polymer, and Mineral Processing industries.

Key characteristics

  • All valves have full nominal bore
  • Available with 45°, 60°, or 90 degree outlet angle in the body
  • Dead space free
  • Crust breaking
  • Sealing to atmosphere always with adjustable loaded stuffing box
  • Valves have exchangeable seats
  • LeakTight © Sealing due to special SchuF process of manufacturing
  • A flushing connection is provided as standard
  • Available with either Radial or Positive seal