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Due to its vast engineering experience, Control Seal can deliver a wide range of products based on customer request.

Pig Launcher and Receiver Valve

Pig launchers and pig receivers are installed on pipelines to launch and receive pipeline pigs to clean or empty pipelines.

Pig launchers & pig receivers offer a safe and effective means of inserting and removing pipeline pigs to and from pipelines.

Pigging refers to the use of Pipepline Inspection Gauges (PIG’s) to execute a variety of operations within a pipeline, for example cleaning or inspecting piepelines or extracting any left over product. This is done by inserting the pig into a Pig Launcher Valve which then insert the PIG into the pipeline. The pig then travels through the pipeline until it reaches the pig receiver.


  • Gas Gathering Systems
  • Mainline Pipeline
  • Oil & Gas Transmissions

Pigging has in the past mainly been used to clean large diamter lines in the oil industry. More recently the use of smaller pig’s has been increasing as processing plants are looking for increased efficiency. Control Seal manufacturs Pig Launcher/Receiver Valves from 2” up to 42” and from 150lbs up to 1500lbs.


  • No need for extensive line flushing
  • Extracting leftover product from pipeline
  • Quicker product changeover