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4WDV - Four Way Diverter Valves

The Control Seal 4-Way Diverter Valve (4WDV in short) is used in the oil and gas industrial processes and has as primary feature diverting process flow in two separate directions. The 4WDV zero leakage valve does not rely on line pressure for sealing. The soft seals are extremely resilient elastomers and are part of the slips. The sealing mechanism is based upon a radial movement only. The sealing is not liable to shear, friction or tearing.

Size: 1” ~ 24” (DN25 ~ DN600)

Bore: Reduced or Full (Full is piggable)

Pressure: 150# ~ 900# (PN20 ~ PN150)

Temperature range: -196°C ~ 250°C

Connections: Wide choice on request

Materials: Wide choice on request

The Control Seal 4-way Diverter Valve has been developed for the very strict requirements of bi-directional metering skids.

The 4-Way Diverter Valve has following characteristics:

FREQUENT OPERATION, allowing the valve to open and close many times a day

RAPID OPERATION, allowing the valve to open and close fast





Transmission and storage

Metering skids

Custody transfer


Control Seal has a unique design of its products, short lead time, competetive pricing and excellent after-sales support.

Friction-free opening and closing due to no contact between slips seals and seating area during rotation.

Non lubricated seal.

Pressure gauge for quickly checking seal integrity.

In-line Maintenance and Service.

Main competetive advantage of Control Seal design is a unique rotating mechanism, see benefits of the design below:

Fast opening and closing due to a very strong rotating mechanism.

The 4-Way Diverter Valve has been designed for frequent operation and allows the valve to open and close many times a day.



API 6D, ASME B16.34

Face to Face dimensions



ASME B16.5


API 598, API6D, ISO 5208


ISO 5210


four way diverter RL

Seated in R/L-Close Position

four way diverter LR

Seated in L/R-Close Position