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Control Seal reduces Fugitive Emissions

Control Seal was awarded fugitive emission test certificate for its products among the first vendors in the industry.

Due to new international demand for less fugitive emissions, Control Seal is working with high-performance sealing products and upgraded the certification of its valves to cover this aspect. Following ISO 15848 guidelines, Control Seal covers its complete range of products to class BH, and some even to class A.

Independent valve testing facility ITIS BV successfully tested Supagraf® Premier in Control Seal valves for fugitive emissions according ISO 15848-1 2006 CO2 Class A. This is the lowest rating of leakage definable under ISO 15848-1. This leakage limit was only reserved for bellowed sealed valves until now.

This result demonstrates a change in performance of braided graphite packing in relation to fugitive emissions.

Unlike competitors, the Control Seal valve design is operated purely by linear movement of the stem (no axial rotation) which will ensure reduced wear and tear on the stem packing, resulting in fewer fugitive emissions.